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Training 3

New Installations

Limited only by the accessibility of the installation equipment, helical piers can be installed in any climate. Helical piers are removable and reusable making them as permanent or temporary as the building or structure they support. Because there is no cement to cure, the building can be placed upon the piles immediately after installation. Helical piers allow the building to be placed upon slopped and uneven surfaces and leveling attachments ensure the building stays level.


Torque -  T = F * r 


r= 3" blade radius

F= 1500 weight

Assuming that a 8 x 8 shed weighs 1500 pounds, drilling down to 30 inches (frost level), using  4 Pylex piers, the torque on each pier should be a minimum of 375/4 = 93.75 ft lbs without considering potential live weight.

See the certification letter on the "Training 4 page.

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